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We spend 40%* of our work time persuading, influencing and convincing others. Let's make it count.






Group Coaching




  • How to put yourself in your audience’s shoes; think with their minds, feel with their hearts?

  • How to strategically select and frame essential arguments?

  • How to prepare a crystal-clear storyline in a way that it “sells itself”?

  • How to deal with pressure when pitching in meetings or in front of a bigger audience?

  • How to pitch in writing (emails, websites, brochures etc.)?

  • Everything in Quickie (see above) plus:

  • How to use slides, whiteboards and props that speak when words alone are not enough?

  • How to make the principles of influence work in your audience's favor?

  • How to use stories, analogies & metaphors?

  • How to use creativity hacks to craft a better pitch, faster?

  • How to deliver your pitch in the most authentic, convincing and pleasant way (body language & voice)?

  • 1:1 training in front of other teams, everyone learns (max 8 pitches)

  • possible to split in 2x 2h sessions of max 2x4 groups

  • depending on the maturity of pitches, feedback can be on rough storyline drafts, all the way to finished pitches with slides and fireworks

Specialized training to improve

  • authentic delivery; body language & voice (with Margreet Jacobs)

  • improvisation training (Margreet Jacobs)

  • persuasive writing deep dive (emails, website copy, brochures etc.) deep dive

  • master boarding deep dive

  • brain & behavior deep dive

  • visual thinking; sketching on whiteboards & slides deep dive

  • slide design deep dive

  • storytelling deep dive

You are:

Startup Accelerator

Corporate Innovation Team

Ambitious Individual

Half- or Full-day for accelerators, corporate innovation teams and individuals.

Learn how to move people;

from sharpening key arguments, storyforming, psychology of slide design to authentic onstage delivery.

"Working with Viki gives me a piece of mind because I know that our technical entrepreneurs will follow your advice towards a sharp, professional and authentic pitch!"

- Natasja Marchese,

   Event Manager at YES!Delft